Zapya App – The Fastest Way of Sharing Files

Zapya app is a local file sharing app that makes use of internet connection to connect devices. It uploads files from zapya free download one device and then downloads it to another, just like in Facebook chat.

You can also share android applications using Zapya.

Both devices should have Zapya appp installed and connected to the same network, you can share anything you want to share. The app has 3 main screens, Play game, send file and the view history. If you want to play a game you need to install the required apps. The only problem is that it is not available in Google Play. You need to have some security software installed if you really want them.

The main feature of Zapya is the send file. To transfer a file from one device to another you need to create a group to which the other devices can connect. Although a connection exists, users can still send messages together with apps and files. Zapya has the ability to sort them up. Zapya supports Windows and iOS devices together with Android.

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Playbox HD – The Latest in Streaming and Movie Downloads

By downloading the Playbox HD you can watch and stream the latest movies, cartoons, animes and TV shows in high definition on your iOS or Android devices. To download the application on your PC makes sure that you have BlueStacks installed. Then playbox hd apk continue downloading the application.

The first thing you need to do is to download the Playbox apk file. Then open the apk file using BlueStacks, wait for a few minutes to complete the process.

Open the installed BlueStacks and then open all the applications. Click the Playbox app to view all the movies you want to watch.

One of the best features of Playbox apps is that it offers you to watch TV shows and latest movies in high definition without paying anything. Through this application you can also download these amazing movies and you can watch it later even if you are offline. Also, it has lots of sources for the subtitles in different languages. You can get daily updates from sources that offer the application.

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Reasons for which you itube app can be removed from your device

All the applications are downloaded directly to the phone from the play store either it is a paid application or an unpaid application. All the applications are not removed from the app store until or unless the user direct this function. Despite of this, there are several reasons for which the itube app or any other application can be removed from the app store.

* The developer of the application is promoting the application in a negative way to itube app get traffic.
* The developer of the app violates the rules and regulations of the Apple app store for developing the application.
* The application will be of low quality.
* Illegal behavior of the application will cause the removal of the app from the store.
* If the application of the developer offers something banned in the application then the app store will ban or remove the application.

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SHAREit App – Wonderful App For File Transfers

Millions of people from all shareit over the world are hooked to SHAREit app to take care of their file transfer/file sharing needs. Developed by the world famous Lenovo Company, this app offers everything that you need to easily transfer all sorts of files from one device to another at lightning fast speeds.

No need to download and install different apps for different devices, you can use SHAREit for transferring files between Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops with equal ease and freedom. Whether you want to move video files, song files, pictures, or docs, just use SHAREit. Do not worry if the size of the files is too big or too small, SHAREit will transfer any size and any type of file with equal fast speed and ease. No need to buy those data cables or use your USB or Blue tooth, just download and install SHAREit for free and transfer files for free.

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Clash Royale APK – Tips on How to Play the Game

To help you with the game here are some tips for success:


In order to win you only need to destroy the tower in the middle

New players would probably think that they need to defeat the 3 towers in order to win. Actually, if you destroy the middle tower first you win the match. Since you cannot control your troops, they will take down the tower on the right or left side first before they could move on to destroy the middle one. You just need to focus your attacks on one side so your troops can take down the middle tower easily.

2. Defense is very important.

Defending your tower is as important as attacking your opponent. If your enemy was able to destroyed your side towers it will be easier for them to destroy your middle tower. It is important that you defend your clash royale apk towers. If in case you both taken down the same number of towers at the end of 3 minute match, you and your opponent will be given an extra minute to the clock. However, if you put some effort on defending your towers and your opponent doesn’t, you will probably win the round.

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Features of Traffic rider

Traffic rider has many features.

It has first person camera view, it has 20 motorbikes that you may choose from and you traffic rider have real motor sounds that were recorded to be used for the real bikes. There are detailed environment for night and day variation. The career mode has over 40 plus missions with the online leaderboards of over 30 plus achievements.

It supports over 17 languages. The faster you are able to ride, the more you are able to score. If you drive over a 100kmh, you can overtake the traffic cars that are close so that you can get the cash and the scores. Being able to drive in two ways, it gives the extra cash and the score. You can do the wheelies in order to get cash or score. The games do not require having fuel or timers but it will be just endless fun when you start to play it.

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Mobiles that are compatible with mobdro app

The app is new but it is being highlighted in many places because of the awesome quality factor it has. It is fast and easily available and it helps the people to find out the free video to stream online and to make people to be able to enjoy it using their device.

It can search for the entire web to mobdro help you to get the free video streams you want. It can search for web world to get free best free streams. It is not possible to download the app from the Google Play store since you will need to visit the official website of the app and to use the given link so that you can be able to download application in the mobile.

The app is compatible with different mobile including Lava, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Oneplus, Motorola, Micromax and Samsung. Whenever you get a link that works, you can download what you want in matter of minutes.

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The advantages of Snaptube app

Even if people enjoy many advantages when they start to use this app, snaptube the best one is that you are able to choose the quality of the video that you wish downloading. Together with the video downloader, the APK can work like the MP3 converter also. What you should do is to choose the type of the mp3 you want to download; the APK will turn it into the file you wish to download. While downloading, you are able to resume, pause or cancel the download.

The use of the download is completely safe and you may download the unlimited number of the video while using it. After having the app, you will be able to download the video you want as you wish. The advantage to this app to others is that it does not have too many advertisements while the users have the chance to change it to the MP4 and it is found in many resolutions.

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